Vegan Spicy Mexican Bean Soup

by chef Nicola Zammit

Difficulty: Easy
10 mins  Preparation 25 mins  Cooking
This is a vegan soup that even meat eaters will love. Using a few store cupboard essentials, it can be put together in a few easy steps. Packed full of spices and fabulous flavours, it keeps very well in the fridge- and even improves overnight. Learn to cook delicious vegan food with this video recipe.
Chop the vegetables and weigh out all ingredients.
Metric US/Imperial
  • Canned black beans -  200 g
  • Onion(s) -  100 g
  • Canned cannellini beans -  200 g
  • Tomato Passata -  300 ml
  • Sweet Corn -  200 g
  • Garlic -  15 g
  • Red chilli  -  15 g
  • Red Pepper -  120 g
  • Vegetable stock -  300 ml
  • White sugar -  4 g
  • Fresh coriander -  10 g
  • Cumin -  2 g
  • Sweet paprika -  4 g
  • Chilli Powder -  8 g
  • Rapeseed oil -  1 Tbsp
Medium size saucepan for quick and easy recipe. Slow cook or crockpot if you're going for the long slow version with dried beans.
If you are using raw beans, soak them in water overnight and try this recipe in the slow cooker. You can add small pasta shells in to be more like minestrone or sauté some bacon if you don't want it vegan.

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