Vegan Chocolate and Nut Cookies

by chef Nicola Zammit

Difficulty: Easy
10 mins  Preparation 12 mins  Cooking
These cookies are a great treat for everyone to enjoy – soft and gooey full of chocolatey flavour. Perfect with a cup of tea or coffee or as a fantastic dessert; why not add some fruit and vegan ice cream? Go from zero to yummy in no time with this easy recipe.

Please preheat your oven to 160°C320°F

Weigh out all the ingredients; make sure margarine is at room temperature. Line the baking tray with parchment paper.
Metric US/Imperial
  • Margarine -  125 g
  • Brown sugar -  175 g
  • Nibbed almonds  -  50 g
  • Self-raising flour -  250 g
  • Vegan chocolate -  50 g
1 large mixing bowl, hand mixer, wooden spoon, baking tray, parchment paper.
Make sure to rest the cookie dough before cooking. When removing from the oven allow cooling before eating. If vegan chocolate cannot be found replace the vegan chocolate with more nuts.
Nuts, Gluten.

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