Succulent Irish Beef Stew

by chef Micheal Mckernan

Difficulty: Moderate
25 mins  Preparation 2.5 hrs   Cooking
This dish is in the centre of every Irish home; everyone’s mother or father, aunt or uncle always made the best stew. It’s a food very close to my heart – I remember rushing home from school to get a bowl. Served all over the world in every Irish bar or home, this easy recipe is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and an absolute winter warmer. You can’t not love it!!
Clean and cut leek into chunky pieces. Peel onion, potatoes and carrots. Submerge the potatoes in a bowl of water to keep them from turning brown.
Metric US/Imperial
  • Diced beef -  850 g
  • Carrot(s) -  4 unit(s)
  • Onion(s) -  1 unit(s)
  • Celery -  220 g
  • Plain flour -  35 g
  • Leek(s) -  250 g
  • Potato(es) -  3 unit(s)
  • Thyme -  1 unit(s)
  • Beef Stock -  1200 ml
  • Stout beer -  400 ml
  • Salt -  2 G
  • Bay Leaf -  2 unit(s)
A deep wide-based pot with a lid, wooden spoon and a piece of string
Lamb can be used if preferred.
Gluten, Celery, Sulphites.

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