Micheal's Easy Chicken Enchiladas

by chef Nicola Z. & Micheal M.

Difficulty: Easy
20 mins  Preparation 40 mins  Cooking
Let’s go to Mexico! An easy dish that’s a real family pleaser, chicken enchiladas are perfect to enjoy with friends for a casual fun evening. They can be served with rice or even a simple salad. Guacamole salsa is a must. Learn to cook Mexican food like a pro with our video recipe.

Please preheat your oven to 160°C320°F

Slice the onions and peppers. Chop the garlic, chilli and coriander.
Metric US/Imperial
  • Chicken Fillets -  3 unit(s)
  • Chopped tomatoes -  400 g
  • Mixed Peppers -  3 units
  • Grated Cheese -  130 g
  • Red onion -  1 unit(s)
  • Kidney Beans -  400 g
  • Tortilla Wraps -  4 unit(s)
  • Garlic -  2 cloves
  • Red chilli  -  1 unit(s)
  • Cumin -  10 g
  • Cajun spice -  20 g
  • Fresh coriander -  15 g
Pyrex or oven tray.
Try to keep the peppers and onions cut the same size, so that everything cooks at the same time. To make it vegetarian, use 500g of mushrooms instead of chicken fillets.
Gluten, Milk.

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