Italian Meringue Eclairs

by chef Nicola Z. & Micheal M.

Difficulty: Advanced
25 mins  Preparation 1 hr mins  Cooking
Italian meringue is the most stable of all meringues. It’s a little tricky to prepare, but then when it’s ready it’s very easy to work with. Learn to make these delectable treats with this step-by-step video recipe.

Please preheat your oven to 100°C212°F

Line baking trays, set up your piping bag, separate your egg whites and yolks. Be careful not to get any yolk into your egg white. Ensure the bowl and whisk are spotlessly clean.
Metric US/Imperial
  • Egg whites -  180 g
  • Caster sugar -  360 g
  • Cream of tartar -  5 g
  • Dark chocolate -  150 g
  • Toasted pistachio -  50 g
2 Baking trays. 1 piping bag and nozzle. hand help whisk or a stand mixer. A small pot and a sugar thermometer.
Whisk the mixture until it cools before piping.
Eggs, Nuts, Dairy.

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