Fresh Irish Mussels With Chorizo and Garlic

by chef Nicola Zammit

Difficulty: Easy
10 mins  Preparation 10 mins  Cooking
Mussels are a true taste of the sea, full of flavour and quick to prepare with our cookalong video. Although they’re simply delish on their own, a little hint of chorizo, garlic and mint just takes it to another level. Stick a basket of bread in the middle for soaking up the juices, and you have a real crowd pleaser!
Wash the mussels, slice the chorizo, slice the garlic.
Metric US/Imperial
  • Chorizo sausage -  80 g
  • Garlic -  3 cloves
  • Butter  -  50 g
  • Fresh mint -  2 sprig(s)
  • White wine -  100 ml
  • Double cream -  200 ml
  • mussels -  500 g
Large pot with a tight-fitting lid, spoon for stirring and removing mussels.
Buy mussels as fresh as you possibly can, ideally on the same day as you plan to cook them.

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