Classic Torta Caprese

by chef Nicola Z. & Micheal M.

Difficulty: Easy
15 mins  Preparation 40 mins  Cooking
Torta Caprese is the most popular gluten-free sweet treat we offer at our cafes. It’s a great recipe to make with children as it’s very forgiving and not much can go wrong! if you can’t find chocolate chips, you can just chop the chocolate nice and small or blend it in a food processer. The baked cake holds up very well so you can make it a day in advance to bring to a party or picnic. Discover this easy recipe with our cookalong video.

Please preheat your oven to 165°C329°F

Line the tin, weigh all ingredients.
Metric US/Imperial
  • Ground almonds -  125 g
  • Eggs -  4 unit(s)
  • Vanilla extract -  1 g
  • Caster sugar -  125 g
  • Butter  -  125 g
  • Dark Chocolate Chips -  125 g
  • icing sugar -  5 g
Parchment paper.
This dish is perfect served the next day.
Milk, Eggs.

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