Homemade Buttermilk Cherry Scones With Berry Compote

by chef Micheal Mckernan

Difficulty: Moderate
15 mins  Preparation 20 mins  Cooking
Cherry scones – a real treat for family, friends or even just for that work-time break. This fantastic recipe gives you the perfect light scone and with the berry compote, you can't go wrong! Check out our professional cooking video.

Please preheat your oven to 190°C374°F

Weigh out all the ingredients and ensure to sieve the flour to prevent lumps, chop the cherries and break extra egg beat for egg washing the scones.
Metric US/Imperial
  • Glace cherries -  120 g
  • Self-raising flour -  500 g
  • Eggs -  3 unit(s)
  • Buttermilk -  200 ml
  • Caster sugar -  100 g
  • Water -  20 ml
  • Strawberries -  80 g
  • Raspberries -  80 g
  • Butter  -  110 g
  • Blueberries -  90 g
  • Icing sugar -  30 g
  • Double cream -  120 ml
Large mixing bowl, Baking tray, Silicone mat, Whisk, Pastry brush, Scone cutter, Knife.
Always mix your wet ingredients into your dry to ensure you do not add too much liquid. Mix well ensuring to get your spatula or spoon right to the bottom of the bowl, always have a small amount of extra flour for dusting, and always make sure to oil and flour your baking tray to prevent sticking.
Gluten, Dairy, Egg.

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