Indulgent White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake

by chef Nicola Zammit

Difficulty: Easy
20 mins  Preparation 6hrs chill   Cooking
This cheesecake uses white chocolate to set the cream, which gives the finished product a luxurious mousse-like texture. It's easy to prepare – just allow time for it to set in the fridge overnight. With this video recipe, you’re on your way to pure decadence!
Weigh all ingredients correctly.
Metric US/Imperial
  • White chocolate -  400 g
  • Ginger Nut Biscuits -  300 g
  • Single Cream -  600 ml
  • Mascarpone cheese -  500 g
  • Raspberries -  300 g
  • Butter  -  200 g
  • Vanilla extract -  1 Tbsp
  • White chocolate -  50 g
Loose bottom tin, electric hand Whisk, Bain Maire, spatula, rolling pin, Sandwich Bag.
We use Ginger Nut biscuits but you can use biscoff or hobnobs if you prefer.
Gluten, Dairy.

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